Prophet Marvin Green

Temple Seer In POME, "The Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah"

Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome to my blog

I have been with Zoe Ministries for 9 years. I was born in Hemingway, South Carolina. I attended school in New Rochelle, NY and completed my education at New Rochelle High School. I furthered my education by attending the Bronx School of Science. I then went on to The College of New Rochelle and received my Bachelor in Psychology with a strong criminal justice background.

Currently I am a Senior Counselor for Daytop Village, dealing with clients who are on probation/parole. I met and married Prophetess Iris Green at Zoe Ministries where we are actively serving in the ministry. I also have a military background by serving in the US Marine Corps. During that time, I served a 13-month tour in Vietnam and experienced at the young age of 18 the devastation of war. My musical background includes singing with a high school group, and playing trumpet in an orchestra for about three years.

My ministerial functions at Zoe is as follows: I am the Archdeacon, Head Adjutant, Initiate, and a Temple Seer. I joined Zoe Ministries in 1997. On my second visit I had no doubt that this is the church where I belonged. As a result, my ministerial life began and I joined POME in August, 1999. I have been under the tutelage of Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, Pastor/Prophetess Debra Jordan, and Prophet Archpriest Charlie Berrian. If you want to know about commitment, dedication, serving, and most of all - blind faith, I invite you to post your comments/questions.

In conclusion, to start you off on your journey, I recommend you begin reading Spiritual Protocol written by Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. For further reading, I suggest you check "My Favorite Books" section.